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  About this website
You surely know the following situation: You are watching video clips on a music television station or you are listening to the radio and then you hear a song which sounds familiar to you.
Nowadays many artists earn their money with cover versions [or cover songs]. They take an old song which has had success and they rerecord it – hoping that the cover version [or cover song] will also have success. Often this works: The ones buy it because it reminds them the original version which they already liked then. The others, often young people, did not know the original version and believe that they bought a new song.
On coverinfo.de you can find the originals of many thousand covers and also the sources of many songs which sample or quote other songs (samples respectively musical quotations, music quotations, music quotes or musical quotes).
The main focus of the coverinfo.de database is the music market of Germany.
coverinfo.de is a German web site. Unfortunately we cannot translate the whole site including the database for you. But to help you, you find a "dictionary" in the database area which contains translations of phrases frequently used in the database.
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