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Cover version / quoting song Original version / quoted song  
 artist  title  artist  title  
Barry Adamson007, A Fantasy Bond Theme (1999)The John Barry Seven and OrchestraThe James Bond Theme (1962)
Urheber: Monty Norman
Barry AdamsonJe t'aime ... moi non plus (1993)Jane Birkin & Serge GainsbourgJe t'aime... moi non plus (1969)
Urheber: Serge Gainsbourg
Barry AdamsonLa cucaracha (1991)mexikanisches VolksliedLa cucarachaC
Barry AdamsonMan With The Golden Arm (1989)Elmer Bernstein & OrchestraMain Title From "The Man With The Golden Arm" (1956)
Urheber: Elmer Bernstein / Sylvia Fine. Soundtrack-Album "The Man With The Golden Arm"
Barry AdamsonSomething Wicked This Way Comes (1999)P.J. ProbyJust Call And I'll Be There (1964)
Urheber: Charles Blackwell
 Search result: entries 1-5 of 5 page 1 of 1 
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