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 artist  title  artist  title  
Die Original Deutschmacher
Arnie + Bert (Arnd Zeigler und Berthold Brunsen), früher bekannt als "Bremen 4 singt deutsch"
Baumwollaugen-Jupp (1996)VolksliedCotton-Eyed JoeC
Otto Waalkes
Cotton Eye Hex (Cotton Eye Joe) (1996)
VolksliedCotton-Eyed JoeC
Blue BarnsCotton Eye Joe (1994)VolksliedCotton-Eyed JoeC
DJ Jungle D.Cotton Eye Joe (1996)VolksliedCotton-Eyed JoeC
Krümmler Buam mit MargareteCotton Eye Joe (1995)VolksliedCotton-Eyed JoeC
The HampstersCotton Eye Joe (2002)VolksliedCotton-Eyed JoeC
Isaac Payton-SweatCotton Eyed Joe (1997)VolksliedCotton-Eyed JoeC
Melo-MCotton Eyed Joe (2009)VolksliedCotton-Eyed JoeC
The Unstrung HeroesCotton Eyed Joe (1980)
Soundtrack "Urban Cowboy"
VolksliedCotton-Eyed JoeC
Bill Monroe & his Bluegrass BoysCotton-Eyed Joe (1966)VolksliedCotton-Eyed JoeC
Dyke's Magic City TrioCotton-Eyed Joe (1927)VolksliedCotton-Eyed JoeC
Johnnie Lee Wills & His BoysCotton-Eyed Joe (1980)VolksliedCotton-Eyed JoeC
Line Dance ExtravaganzaCotton-Eyed Joe (1999)VolksliedCotton-Eyed JoeC
MedlzCotton-Eyed Joe (2010)VolksliedCotton-Eyed JoeC
The WalkaboutsCotton-Eyed Joe (2003)VolksliedCotton-Eyed JoeC
Jana JaeCotton-Eyed Joe / Tennessee Waltz / Orange Blossom Very Special (1981)
VolksliedCotton-Eyed JoeZ
Coyote DaxMe Vale (2001)VolksliedCotton-Eyed JoeC
Die SchlapseSchlumpfen Cowboy Joe (1995)VolksliedCotton-Eyed JoeC
 Search result: entries 1-18 of 18 page 1 of 1 
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