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Mandy & RandyB-B-Baby (Kiss Me And Repeat) (2005)Black Eyed PeasWhere Is The Love? (2003)
Urheber: Allen Pineda / George Pajon Jr. / J. Curtis / Jaime Gomez / Justin Timberlake / Michael Fratantuno / Printz Board / will.i.am
Mandy & RandyMandy (2002)Scott EnglishBrandy (1971)
Urheber: Scott English / Richard Kerr
Mandy & RandyNothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (2003)Starship
früher Jefferson Airplane, früher Jefferson Starship
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (1987)
Urheber: Albert Hammond / Diane Warren
Mandy & RandyThe Message Is Love (2004)Arthur Baker and the Backbeat DisciplesThe Message Is Love (1989)
Urheber: Arthur Baker / Richard Scher
Mandy & RandyThe Never Ending Story (2004)Limahl
Christopher Hamill. Ehemaliges Mitglied von Kajagoogoo
The Neverending Story (1984)
Urheber: Giorgio Moroder / Keith Forsey. Soundtrack "The Neverending Story" ("Die unendliche Geschichte")
Mandy & RandyTogether Forever (2003)Rick AstleyTogether Forever (1988)
Urheber: Matt Aitken / Mike Stock / Pete Waterman
Mandy & RandyWonderful Land (2003)Dave DaviesDeath Of A Clown (1967)
Urheber: Ray Davies / Dave Davies. Derselbe Song erschien 1967 auch unter dem Interpretennamen "The Kinks"
 Search result: entries 1-7 of 7 page 1 of 1 
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