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 artist  title  artist  title  
Monty AlexanderC Jam Blues (1984)Barney Bigard & His Jazzopaters"C" Blues (1941)
Urheber: Barney Bigard / Duke Ellington. Instrumentalversion
Monty AlexanderCaravan (1984)Barney Bigard & His JazzopatersCaravan (1937)
Urheber: Duke Ellington / Juan Tizol. Instrumentalversion
Monty AlexanderJust A Little Bit (1994)Tiny TopsyJust A Little Bit (1959)
Urheber: Earl Washington / John Thornton / Ralph Bass / Sylvester Thompson
Monty AlexanderLove You Madly (1984)Duke Ellington & his Orchestra with Yvonne LanauzeLove You Madly (1950)
Urheber: Duke Ellington / Billy Strayhorn
Monty AlexanderSimmer Down (2006)The Wailers
mit Bob Marley
Simmer Down (1963)
Urheber: Coxsone Dodd / Bob Marley
Monty AlexanderThe Magnificent Seven (1968)Elmer BernsteinThe Magnificent Seven (1960)
Urheber: Elmer Bernstein. Aus dem Film "The Magnificent Seven". Auch bekannt aus der Marlboro-Kinowerbung
Monty AlexanderThings Ain't What They Used To Be (1984)Charlie Barnet & His OrchestraThings Ain't What They Used To Be (1942)
Urheber: Mercer Ellington / Ted Persons
 Search result: entries 1-7 of 7 page 1 of 1 
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