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Nat King Cole & George ShearingA Beautiful Friendship (1962)Ella FitzgeraldThe End Of A Beautiful Friendship (1956)
Urheber: Donald Kahn / Stanley Styne. Auch: "A Beautiful Friendship"
Nat King Cole & George ShearingAzure-Te (1962)Frank SinatraAzure-Te (Paris Blues) (1952)
Urheber: William Strethen Davis / Donald Wolf
Nat King Cole & George ShearingEverything Happens To Me (2000)
Bereits 1961 aufgenommen
Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra with Frank SinatraEverything Happens To Me (1941)
Urheber: Tom Adair / Matt Dennis
Nat King Cole & George ShearingFly Me To The Moon (1962)Felicia SandersIn Other Words (1954)
Urheber: Bart Howard. Aus dem Film "Once Around"
Nat King Cole & George ShearingI Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) (1962)Ivie Anderson
ehemaliges Mitglied von Duke Ellington & His Orchestra
I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) (1941)
Urheber: Paul Francis Webster / Duke Ellington. Erstaufführung der Revue "Jump For Joy"
Nat King Cole & George ShearingLet There Be Love (1962)Swing and Sway with Sammy KayeLet There Be Love (1940)
Urheber: Ian Grant / Lionel Rand
Nat King Cole & George ShearingLost April (1962)Nat King ColeLost April (1948)
Urheber: Eddie DeLange / Emil Newman / Hubert Spencer
Nat King Cole & George ShearingPick Yourself Up (1962)Fred Astaire & Ginger RogersPick Yourself Up (1936)
Urheber: Dorothy Fields / Jerome Kern. Aus dem Film "Swing Time"
Nat King Cole & George ShearingSerenata (1962)
Englischer Text: Mitchell Parish
Boston Pops OrchestraSerenata (1949)
Urheber: Leroy Anderson
 Search result: entries 1-9 of 9 page 1 of 1 
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