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Cover version / quoting song Original version / quoted song  
 artist  title  artist  title  
Snoop Doggy DoggBathtub (1993)Curtis Mayfield
ehemaliges Mitglied von The Impressions
Give Me Your Love (1972)
Urheber: Curtis Mayfield
Snoop Doggy DoggDoggyland (1996)The Jackson 5
auch: The Jackson 5ive
The Love You Save (1970)
Urheber: Berry Gordy / Alphonso Mizell / Frederick Perren / Deke Richards
Dr. Dre feat. Snoop DoggFuck Wit Dre Day (& Everybody's Celebratin') (2004)Snoop Doggy DoggWho Am I? (What's My Name?) (1993)
Urheber: George Clinton / Snoop Dogg / Garry Shider / David Spradley / Bootsy Collins / Jerome Brailey. Enthält Zitate aus den Songs "Atomic Dog" von George Clinton aus dem Jahre 1982 und "Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker)" von Parliament aus dem Jahre 1975
Snoop Doggy DoggG Funk Intro (1993)Funkadelic(Not Just) Knee Deep (1979)
Urheber: George Clinton
Snoop Doggy DoggG'z Up, Hoes Down (1993)
Hidden Track
Isaac HayesThe Look Of Love (1970)
Urheber: Burt Bacharach / Hal David. Song ist im Original von Dusty Springfield aus dem Jahre 1967
Snoop Doggy DoggGin And Juice (1993)K C & the Sunshine BandI Get Lifted (1974)
Urheber: Harry Wayne Casey / Richard Finch
Snoop Doggy DoggGz And Hustlas (1993)Bernard WrightHaboglabotribin' (1981)
Urheber: Don Blackman
Snoop Doggy DoggSnoop Bounce (1996)ZappMore Bounce To The Ounce (1980)
Urheber: Roger Troutman
Snoop Doggy DoggSnoop's Upside Ya Head (1996)The Gap Band
früher Greenwood, Archer and Pine Street Band
I Don't Believe You Want To Get Up And Dance (Oops, Up Side Your Head) (1979)
Urheber: Charles Wilson / Lonnie Simmons / Robert Wilson / Ronnie Wilson / Rudolph Taylor
Snoop Doggy DoggSnoopafella (1999)BrickDazz (1976)
Urheber: Reggie Hargis / Eddie Irons / Ray Ransom / Humberto Vergara
Snoop Doggy DoggVapors (1996)Biz MarkieVapors (1988)
Urheber: Big Daddy Kane / Marley Marl
Snoop Doggy DoggWho Am I (What's My Name)? (1993)Funkadelic(Not Just) Knee Deep (1979)
Urheber: George Clinton
Snoop Doggy DoggWho Am I (What's My Name)? (1993)The CountsPack Of Lies (1971)
Urheber: Mose Davis
Snoop Doggy DoggWho Am I (What's My Name)? (1993)Tom BrowneFunkin' For Jamaica (1979)
Urheber: Tom Browne / Toni Smith
Snoop Doggy DoggWho Am I? (What's My Name?) (1993)George ClintonAtomic Dog (1982)
Urheber: David Spradley / George Clinton / Garry Shider
Snoop Doggy DoggWho Am I? (What's My Name?) (1993)ParliamentGive Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker) (1975)
Urheber: Bootsy Collins / George Clinton / Bernie Worrell / Clarence Haskins / Jerome Brailey
 Search result: entries 1-16 of 16 page 1 of 1 
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