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Cover version / quoting song Original version / quoted song  
 artist  title  artist  title  
T. Texas TylerA Beautiful Life (1961)Urheber: William Lee GoldenA Beautiful Life (1918)C
T. Texas TylerBumming Around (1953)Jimmy DeanBumming Around (1952)
Urheber: Pete Graves
T. Texas TylerDivorce Me C.O.D. (1946)Merle TravisDivorce Me C.O.D. (1946)
Urheber: Cliffie Stone / Merle Travis
T. Texas TylerHome In San Antone (1958)Bob Wills & his Texas PlayboysHome In San Antone (1943)
Urheber: Floyd Jenkins
T. Texas TylerMy Bucket's Got A Hole In It (1947)Tom Gates & his OrchestraThe Bucket's Got A Hole In It (1927)
Urheber: Lee Blevins / Victor Sells
 Search result: entries 1-5 of 5 page 1 of 1 
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